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Here is my Vibrators Buyers Guide! For your convenience I’ve collected here the top rated vibes with links to their in-depth reviews. If you are looking for a new sex toy for yourself or to be used together with your partner, you can safely buy any of these vibes and be sure that what you get is 100% body safe, high quality adult toy – which gives you – no doubt – perfect orgasms or even multiple orgasms in a row!

Womanizer Pro 40 Clitoral Orgasms In-A-Row Guaranteed

Womanizer Pro 2 is one of the best clitoral stimulators, and it’s different. It uses air pressure instant of physical contact to stimulate your most intimate body parts, and it does it extremely well.

Some people compared that to oral sex, but I think it’s different feeling, it’s just something you have never before experienced. You will just insert it’s smooth silicone cup around your clit and Womanizer starts sucking using air pressure variations. That’s something really incredible, and it allows you to experience multiple deep orgasms in a row!

Learn more about how to get these multiple orgasms in a row and read my Womanizer Pro40 review.

We-Vibe Nova G-spot & Clitoral Vibe – Get Double Orgasm

We-Vibe Nova is a quite perfect choice if you are looking for rabbit style vibrator. It is amazingly flexible and able to stimulate internally g-spot and externally clitoris at the same time.

This is one of the best vibes with such a wonderfully effective design I have ever tested. It has two powerful motors, which work perfectly in sync to creating thrilling pulsations, causing easily multiple orgasms. There are ten pulsation patterns to choose from. Nova is rechargeable and body safe, it’s made of 100% silicone. It has also many advanced features such as bluetooth and possibility to control it using app.

Read my review of We-Vibe Nova and find out if it is the perfect vibe for your intimate pleasures.

Best Couples Vibrator Better Orgasm For Both

So, you’re looking for some extra fun with your partner? That’s great! I’ve reviewed the best couples vibrator called We Vibe Sync. It really boosts your love life with your partner, it is especially designed for couples and it is used during sex.

We Vibe Sync stimulates clitoris internally and extrernally, and at the same time it stimulates penis during intercourse. It might sound crazy, but this U-shaped vibe really helps both to get blowing orgasms. It can be used manually, or with wireless remote controller, or even with app. It’s 100% body safe silicone, and rechargeable. Honestly I can say it is the best couples vibrator.

Read my full We Vibe Sync review here. Just make sure, you have this next time you are going to make love.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Blowing Clitoral Orgams

Satisfyer Pro 2 is similar to Womanizer, which originally revolutionized clitoral orgasms. However, Satisfyer is much more affordable what comes to price. Of course it lacks some of features, but it still does it job extremely well. It also uses contactless method to stimulate.

You will just insert it’s smooth silicone head around your clit, and let the pulsating air pressure to get you come. That is somewhat wonderful feeling as this sex toy allows easily to get multiple orgasms. Be sure to read my review, and compare which one you want. The one thing is sure, if you don’t yet have contactless clitoral stimulator, which uses air pressure, you definitely need to get one asap.

Read my Satisfyer Pro 2 review here.

Svakom Cathy The Perfect Vibrator For Women

Svakom Cathy is soft and very comfortable vibrator, which could be categorized as a g-spot vibe. It is sleek, surface is smooth, and it’s shaft is perfectly curved to catch the g-spot. However, Cathy can be easily used also as a classical vibe due to it’s sleek design.

It does it job perfectly offering five different vibration modes, alongside 5 different intensities. It is also water-proof, which is a great advantage at least for me as I love to use sex toys in a tub!Cathy is made of 100% body safe silicone, it is rechargeable, it loads fast, and offers enough power for long play.

Take a closer look on that wonderful vibe, check out my Svakom Cathy Review!

Hitachi Magic Wand The Ultimate Vibrator

Feeling bored? Hard to get orgasm? Getting frustrated of powerless ordinary vibrators? Did you knew, there’s a magic wand that helps!

You have been surely heard about this magical adult toy called Hitachi Magic Wand. But did you knew that it was invented in 1968, and originally intended only for muscle massage? Did you knew that Hitachi actually stopped production of Hitachi Magic Wand in 2013, because world wide known corporation did not wanted it’s name to be associated with sex toys, not to mention the world most famous sex toy – which was and still is Hitachi Magic Wand! Anyway, now it is called The Original Magic Wand, and produced by Vibrated using Hitachi parts.

This wand basically guarantees that every women gets orgasm every time they want. It does not look like beautiful, actually it looks like a rude tool, and it is. And it works. It is also great sex toy to use with your partner. There are plenty of attachments also available for it, making it even more enjoyable experience. Read my full Hitachi Magic Wand review here. I strongly recommend to give it a try!

Svakom Alice The Best Rabbit Vibrator For Women

Svakom Alice does not look like a classical Jessica Rabbit Vibrator, but it is more! This lovely vibe is really the best rabbit type of vibrator you can find, at least I think so. And I have tested quite many vibes as you might already know 🙂 So, what makes Alice so good?

Svakom stimulates your g-spot & clitoris at the same time., and it odes it perfectly. It is amazingly powerful and effective, offering five speed settings and seven pulsation modes. Alice is a 100% waterproof, which is a feature I like a lot as I like to masturbate in a tube & shower. Have you tried that yet? If not, just try!

You can learn more about it by reading my Svakom Alice Review.

Palm Power Massager Magic Wand In Compact Size

There are plenty of women who just can’t live without their Magic Wands, including me 🙂 However, when travelling carrying such a big massager is a bit uncomfortable. Luckily there is smaller wands available, and one of the best of those is Palm Power, which is just like Hitachi Magic Wand, but in smaller size. Furthermore it comes with useful attachments.

Not only does it fit comfortably in any bag you want, but also lines up perfectly by the curve of your palm, not to mention how it feels when you turn it on!

Read my Palm Power Massager Review, and be sure to buy one for yourself!

Be Sure To Buy Only 100% Body Safe Sex Toys

Does that sound boring, can adult toys be not body safe? Actually they can. It took me few years to discover the truth about this multi billion industry, which makes vibrators of all kind materials, including porous and even toxic materials. It took some time to discover that manufacturers are not any way legally responsible for their toys as practically all sex toys are sold for “novelty use only”. There’s practically no regulations or requirements to include labels on products telling what materials those actually include. Be sure to read my post about how to avoid dangerous sex toys & materials before you buy your next vibe. However, I should make it clear here that all vibes & adult toys I have reviewed here are 100% body safe, so you can buy & use any of them safely.

Where To Buy Vibrators?

There are thousands of online shops selling vibrators and local stores also. I got quite often asked the question “Where to buy vibrators?”. That’s easy to answer, you can find my in-depth answer from the post where to buy vibes, but in short I buy all my adult toys from two online shops which are Eroticmate and Amazon. Main reason is that those are both well established & trustworthy business with a great variety of vibes in stock and for sale at very reasonable prices.

Don’t Forget The Best Lubrican For Women

Lubricant is almost as important thing as the vibe. Be sure also check my post about the best lubricant for women. There are so many alternatives out there, that it doesn’t hurt to give a try for some lubes I’ve tested to be good, and for which other users have given plenty of positive feedback!

I hope this vibrator buyers guide helps you to choose the best suitable model for your intimate pleasures.