Buy a Vibrator – Things You Need To Know

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It’s the dream of every woman get aroused, and be satisfied sexually. If you buy a vibrator, you are on the way towards endless pleasures – in theory. Purchasing a vibe for the first time might sound easy, but it can be challenging. Here are some of the tips you should pay attention for when searching for the best vibe you can find. With the best vibrator for women, you can be feel the beauty of getting the orgasm, and the satisfaction that comes with it.

1. Material

When looking for buying a vibrator, the first thing which comes to mind, might not be the material used to manufacture it. It is important to be aware of materials, especially materials used to manufacture the part that touches your intimate body parts. You will not be making any pleasurable moments bringing home something that either you or your partner will not be proud to use due to skin irritation and so on. I suggest that you will read my post about dangerous sex toy materials before buying your next vibrator.

There are vibes that are made of long lasting abs plastic which guarantees long term service of your sex toy, whereas there are those that are made of so called jelly. Some of the material used in making vibes could contain TPE, rubber, silicone and / or composite which is a composition of more than one material.

If you want go 100% body safe way – just remember that the most versatile and body friendly material is silicone. But there is a one catch. You must use only the best water based lubricants for women with silicone sex toys. That is because of silicone based lubes could damage silicone surface of vibes. Furthermore, sex toys made of silicone are usually more expensive, but of course overall quality is usually excellent. If price is not the question, I would choose silicone vibrator, and if looking for a bit cheaper alternative, i would choose abs-plastic vibe.

However, be always sure that the material is suitable for your skin and body, so the vibe will bring pleasure to you and possible also to your partner.

2. Buy vibrator from a trusted brand

There is a saying that says old is gold, this is not exceptional when it comes to vibrators. When you buy a reliable and well known brand adult toy, you are not only sure of getting excellent products that will last long, but you will as well be sure of the quality. One thing for sure is that the trust comes along with being in the industry for a long period, therefore, giving an assurance that they know what the clients need and how to deliver. Some of my favorite brands are Svakom and We Vibe.

3. Is it for single use or with your partner

Vibes are designed quite creatively, and there are models for every purpose! If you want a vibrator that you can use when you are alone, then you should consider getting something that you can control comfortable with your hands. For example most rabbit vibrators are designed not only perfectly from the orgasm point of view, but also anatomically and ergonomically.They are easy to handle and use.

There is also great sex toys available designed especially to be used with partner, and during intercourse. Take a look for my best couples vibrator reviews to find out more about these nice vibes.

Most likely you have to get model designed for used alone, and another for designed to be used with partner! This way you can be sure to maximize pleasures!

4. Performance

When it comes to performance, you should also consider paying attention on the size of the vibe. For example, how long or “deep” your vibe is, because it could really get your screaming! Find out also what kind of speed and pulse settings there are. And consider if you want battery operated or rechargeable model, or maybe even AC powered vibe, such as Hitachi Magic Wand, which never runs out of the power.

5. Features of the best vibrator for women

Take your time. Have an discussion with your partner if applicable, identify with what you are looking for by browsing online stores, and find the best vibes for women that guarantee also the best orgasms.

It won’t be a good investment to buy something that you will not enjoy using. However, many times it’s hard to say before trying – if it’s the best vibrator for women or not, or if it suits for your personal taste. Reading my reviews of high quality vibes could help, as I don’t touch to crappy products at all. Of course, those are just my thoughts, and your taste could be completely different, but at least you will get general idea about the product in question.

Ultimately, there are those that have vibrators and others don’t. You could also visit a local adult store, and ask to give insights about the vibe you want to buy. However, most of us prefer ordering online, so the best way to get thoughts about different adult toys is really to read reviews of vibrators or look at what other buyers say about products. You can usually find a lot of use reviews about each vibe for example from Amazon. View best selling vibrators list at Amazon

Another buying tip is that, Go wild! Buy something different, there are very interesting designs out there. Try app and remote controlled vibes etc.

6. Price and from where to buy?

Price is always the ultimate key to unlocking new things in life. When you don’t consider price over any sex toy you purchase, you may end up breaking the banks to get your hands on extra dollars. Therefore, it’s important to have a budget. With a budget, you will be able to find a vibrator that fits right in your pocket with detailed personal requirements. A budget helps you understand the difference between your needs and wants by placing your needs ahead of what you want. So, you you have decided to buy vibrator that costs $30, don’t go any buy vibe with the price tag of $90!

I’ve bought vibrators online many years, and I don’t actually anymore remember when I last time visited brick & mortar sex shop, so suggest that read my post where to buy vibrators to learn more about buying vibes, and from where I buy! Therese are trusted and tested companies.

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I hope you found something helpful from this post! If you have any questions or comments about buying your fist (or even second1) vibe or if you want share your experiments, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply below! Let´s have some pleasures.

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