Choosing The Best Vibrator For Women Orgasms

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Getting the best vibrator for women will be based on your personal preference or that of your partner, so if you have an idea of what you want the better for you. Material, color, size, shape and power can be some things to consider when looking for the perfect vibrator for orgasms.

Especially if you are quite new to sex toys, you might be wondering how to choose the right size when buying new vibe. I get this question asked quite often, so I decided write this short post for Hopefully you will find this helpful!

Here are some points to consider while on the search for the perfect vibe.

Choosing the right sized vibrator for best orgasms

Size matters and each person desires for a certain girth and length. Test yourself for your preferred size by using your fingers. Insert as many fingers as you can handle and that will be your guiding factor. Your fingers will help you measure the length and diameter/ circumference. Sounds easy?

Place a tape measure around your fingers to get the circumference and a ruler across your fingers to measure the diameter. If you do not have a tape measure you can use a thread to measure them transfer the measurements onto a ruler. You can also print out a tape measure from the internet then get the right measurements. This way you have always quite exact idea about the size you should be looking for.

How big vibe you want?

Bigger may seem better but this is not always the case. Size can go two ways; a wide sex toy can cause uncomfortable stretching of the anus and/or vagina while a long toy can cause pain if it hits the wall of the cervix. A small toy might not provide as much pleasure, so its is really important to know that is best for you and your partner. So, usually I will recommend starting a bit smaller sex toys, and moving after that to bigger models. Ultimately testing different sizes and shapes is the only way to determine what works best!

Different types of sex toys

There are very many designs available. You will find ones with testicles, others with flared bases and some with a G-spot curve. If you want something versatile you can try a vaginal vibrator that can be used externally or even penetrated into the vagina.

For most of us finding G-spot might be a challenge at some times. However, it is there! A g-spot vibrator that is curved to hit the g-spot will do  wonders. The g-spot is about two inches on the front side of the vagina so a vibrator specially designed to sooth the area will work well. I really recommend trying also special g-spot vibes! Here you can find my G-Spot massager reviews.

Another example would be a dual action vibe that has a shaft for penetration and a clitoral vibrator for extra external stimulation. These so called rabbit vibrators are somewhat really exciting adult toys you should also try.

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes with some resembling an actual penis. If your preference is an actual looking penis, be sure to check for the description before purchasing one. A realistic penis looking dildo is not the same size as a real penis, if anything it is bigger.

So, ultimately there are so many types, sizes and shapes available that it is really recommended to get at least let´s say a few different models. This way you will be able to find what suits best for you, and possibly for your partner also. And I bet that no one sex toy will be completely wasted purchase. Just be curious, and test different vibes.

Tune up your vibes for best orgasms

Did you know that there are many ways in which you can change the way your dildo or vibrator looks and functions? There are two common ways that you can use to make your vibe serve you better, and deliver even better orgasms.

  • Add a penis sleeve if your dildo’s width is too small for you. A penis extender or sleeve is used to make a dildo or an actual penis to feel bigger through length and width. It is designed like an actual penises to also provide extra texture and vibration. A penis sleeve can be used for your male partner if he feels he is not really giving you the fill you deserve.
  • Use a cock-ring on your dildo if the length is too long. A Cock-ring is a rubber ring shaped toy that can be used by men to make their erections firmer and to prolong the sex by preventing them from climaxing fast. It can also be used shorten the length of the dildo and vibe.

What is the best material for vibrators?

There are a few materials most dildos and vibes are made. Most common materials used for sex toys are 100% silicon, rubber, glass, metal, jelly and ABS / TPE plastic. Silicon is the best material to use since it is resistant to bacteria, and very smooth, and also it is non allergic material. Jelly and plastic vibes are also very common, but Jelly is porous material – making it hard to keep fully hygienic. Read my post about dangerous sex toy materials to learn more. Glass and metal toys are exciting, different and very easy to clean but if you are thinking of purchasing one made out of theses you have to know if you are possibly allergic for some metals. I recommend to starting and staying with silicone or ABS-plastic made sex toys.

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I hope you found something helpful from this post! If you have any questions or comments about how to choose the right size vibe for yourself & best orgasm, or if you want share your experiments, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply below! Let´s have some pleasures.

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