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Where to buy vibrators online? That’s the question I got asked almost daily. Another very common question is: should I buy vibrator online or from brick & mortar sex shop? Read my thoughts, and learn from where I buy my vibes! I have bought over two hundred vibes already not to mention other sex toys, so I think that I have quite good idea from where you will get the reasonable price, good service, and most importantly discreet delivery & easy return – if needed.

You might be wondering why I have bought over 200 vibrators. First of all, its over the years, and secondary I’m a bit addicted to sex toys, I’m curious to test different kind of vibes, and find out if I can get better orgasms with new products. So, my sexuality is my passion, and now it’s also work in the form of that women’s health blog you are reading πŸ™‚

I have bought so many vibes just to get better orgasms, just to please myself, just to find the best vibrator for women! And I’m still buying vibes from time to time, now also because of I write vibrator reviews. What’s nice, thanks to MyBestVibrators.com blog I’m also getting all kind of sex toys from manufacturers, as they ask me to reviews of their new products. However, as you might know, I’m quite picky about what I test. That’s just because of I don’t want to touch anything that is not 100% body safe. In other hand, if you read my reviews, and decide to buy it, you can be sure that the product I’ve recommended is perfectly body safe.

I started to buy vibrators years ago from the local sex shop. It was always a bit tricky business. I wasn’t comfortable to walk in sex store, and choose my most intimate toys while shop keeper tried his best to help me by asking quite intimate questions. That might not be the experience in all brick & mortar adult stores, but similarities there are. So, I abandoned these stores and started to buy online.

Why you should buy online?

Suddenly there were all vibrators in front of me, the inventory was not anymore limited to certain models. One click, and I found even more thrilling models, at even more reasonable price. So, I bought from tens of online shops. In most cases experience was quite good, but there are also bad ones. Starting from bad customer service, high prices, broken products, never arriving orders, and even wrongly charged credit card. Actually there was one store, which sold my credit card details, and I was forced to cancel my card. So, every one says, buying online is safe and easy. I agree, but only if you know from where you are buying.

You should also take a look on my post buy a vibrator – things you need to know. It discuss about things you might want consider when choosing which one you will buy.

How to choose the best place to buy sex toys?

From what ever store you are consider buying, before entering your credit card details & placing your order, I suggest that find answers for the following question:

  1. How long the shop have been in business?
    There are so called fly by night businesses in this industry (as in every industry), I think that history brings trust. If I buy my vibrators from the company that have been in business 20+ years, I can be quite sure that they have everything in place, and everything works. But if I buy from some new startup, they still might have bigger or at least smaller things that yet don’t work perfectly. Of course there are also small shops that should not at all sell their products online as they don’t simply have required resources. The problem is that almost anyone could set up online shop, and design it like a world’s biggest adult store – but in reality they could be running it from bedroom, having no inventory at all (see question number five!)
  2. Do they offer discreet delivery?
    That’s important question to ask, as most likely you don’t want to receive courier delivery from “THE WORLD BEST SEX TOYS SHOP” πŸ™‚
  3. How fast they deliver?
    That’s the main question. I want my vibes now, not tomorrow πŸ™‚ So, it’s important that they have own inventory in their own warehouse, and that they ship orders daily.
  4. What kind of returns / refund policy they have?
    That’s important if you find out after vibe arrives that it does not look as appealing as in product pictures. Trust me, that happens from time to time. It’s important to buy from the online shop that offers smooth returns & refunds. You don’t want to use weeks for changing emails with customer service department. BTW. In the U.S. law says something like that seller does not need to accept returns what it comes to intimate toys or lingerie – however, reputable sellers allow returns – and just destroy them as obvisouly they can not sell returned sex toys again – because of safety concerns.
  5. From where they actually ship?
    From where they actually ship might sound unrelated thing, but it is not. There are plenty of so called drop shipping stores online, that take your order, but they don’t have any inventory. They pass your order to some bigger company, that actually delivers your order. In this way you are paying usually some extra as there is one extra middle men taking their share, plus delivery time could be long – and in most cases will be longer. In the weirdest case, I ordered some sex toys from the online shop which I tough was based in the USA, it was, but it was drop shipping business. My vibrator arrived actually from China, and it took over 30 days to get it. The main problem is that it’s hard to find out if ecommerce website is a real business with own inventory, or if it is just doing drop shipping. Actually there’s no way to tell that, unless you go deep in.
  6. What kind of inventory they have? How many vibrator models for example?
    Wider selection means it’s easier to find interesting vibes, however, some exclusive brands of course have only their own few models for sale.
  7. How does their online store works? Is it user friendly? Is it secure?
    Most online shops works just fine as they are all based on the same software such as Magento or Shopify. However I have seen totally not user friendly stores also. It actually screams “stay away from that store” – if they don’t even know how to build modern ecommerce shop. Figuring out if the website is actually secure is another question, and for amateurs like me it is quite impossible. But at least you could check out that store address at browser starts at: https, which means they have active ssl-certificate and traffic is encrypted.

My favorite places to buy vibrators

It took me some trial and error until I ultimately discovered the two best online shops from where I buy vibrators. I have bought from both now many years, and I have to admit that I don’t even visit other online shops anymore – excluding some brand specific stores I have special relationship with.

Eroticmate @ Adultshopping

Where to buy vibrators EroticmateAdultshopping is one of the biggest adult toys wholesalers & retailers in the USA, and Eroticmate is just one of their marketing names. So, if you buy from them, you are safe. Let’s go through my questions:

  • How long the shop have been in business?
    They have been in business well over 20 years, since 1995.
  • Do they offer discreet delivery?
    They offer 100% discreet delivery, they use their official company name “CNV, Inc.” as a sender without any references to adult toys.
  • How fast they deliver?
    They send orders at the same day or at least the next working day. You can choose from multiple shipping methods, what suits best for you.
  • What kind of returns / refund policy they have?
    You can return products, no questions asked. You will get full refund.
  • From where they actually ship?
    They ship from their own huge warehouse.
  • What kind of inventory they have? How many vibrator models for example?
    They have over 6706 different vibrator models to choose from not to mention all other adult toys they have for sale. They have over 50.000 different adult toy products.
  • How does their online store works? Is it user friendly? Is it secure?
    It loads super fast. navigation is easy and it is user friendly. It is clean, not full of banners, thousands of categories or offers. Very easy shopping experience. As far as I know, it’s also secure, at least they have had over twenty years to make it secure.

Click here to visit Eroticmate – one of my favorite shop to buy vibrators online.


Where to buy vibrators AmazonAs you might already know, Amazon is one of the world largest online retailers. What is a bit tricky with Amazon is that they offer their platform also for 3rd party companies. I.e. there are products that are sold and delivered by Amazon, products that are sold by 3rd party but delivered by Amazon, and products that are sold and delivered by 3rd party. However, it’s not a problem at all, because of Amazon is very strict with their rules what comes to companies who can use their platform, and ultimately it is the Amazon who handles payments in all cases. So, if something goes not so perfectly, you can be assured that they will do their best to make you happy again. Anyway, if you buy from Amazon, you are safe. Let’s go through my questions:

  • How long the shop have been in business?
    They have been business since 1994, well over 20 years.
  • Do they offer discreet delivery?
    Yes, they deliver all orders discreetly, so no one can guess what the packet actually includes as Amazon sells everything from books to telescopes, and sex toys!
  • How fast they deliver?
    Usually they deliver very fast.
  • What kind of returns / refund policy they have?
    They always do their best to solve possible problems in the way that customer (you!) will be happy.
  • From where they actually ship?
    They ship from multiple own warehouses across the USA, Canada and world wide. U.S. orders they of course ship form the U.S. warehouses.
  • What kind of inventory they have? How many vibrator models for example?
    I guess they have the world largest inventory of different kind of vibrators. Actually I was unable to find exact number as it changes constantly as old models are sold out and new ones gets added every day.
  • How does their online store works? Is it user friendly? Is it secure?
    Amazon loads super fast, which is not a surprise as they have own cloud server centers. Navigation might be a bit tricky as they have everything for sale, but as soon as you find the right category, everything is fine. Furthermore their product search works well. However as we are speaking about sex toys you need to click “view all” or search results might miss vibrators. It is quite easy to use. I’m happy with shopping experience at Amazon. It’s also secure, at least they sure have one of the worlds most talented team behind their shop.

Click here to visit Amazon – top selling vibrators page.

So, it’s hard to say which one is better. Both are my favorites. When I’m looking for something new, I usually visit both shops they are both the answer for question where to buy vibrators. What ever I’m looking for, I’m able to find it either from Amazon or Eroticmate.

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Hopefully you found this post helpful! If you have any questions or comments about where to buy vibe or if you want share your experiments, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply below!

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