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  • Is designed to be used during sex!
  • Helps both to get better orgasms.
  • Works manually, with wireless remote & app


  • You need to get used to it to use it :)


We Vibe Sync is one of the best products on the couples vibrators market, which gives a true value for your money and it is designed to provide the best of sexual pleasure for both.

We-Vibe Sync Review

Here is my honest and in-depth We-Vibe Sync Review for MyBestVibrators.com blog. For most of us the word vibrator brings women and solo masturbation in mind. This was the situation for a long time until invention of We Vibe – The Couples Vibrator by the company Standard Innovations. That was when the conception changed forever. It was designed in such a manner that it had to be worn on the vulva of the women during intercourse. Since then it has gone on to dominate the domain of vibrators – and giving blowing orgasms in the bedrooms all around the world. Simply said: it is the best couples vibrator in the whole world!

Best Couples Vibrator

We Vibe’s Pros:

  • It is the number one product in the market for couples.
  • It is designed and intended to be used with a partner during intercourse. Yes, you can fu*k with We Vibe!
  • It is rechargeable with low power consumption and it is body safe
  • It fits / adjust to your shape. The focus is on the clitoris and the G spots with a less amount of pressure.
  • You can customize the vibration patterns with the help of the new touch mode.
  • Sync mode allows remote control four couples using app, even if they are in different countries!


  • You need to get used to it to get most out of it i.e. these mind blowing orgasms

One of the best products on the couples vibrators market, which gives a true value for your money and it is designed to provide the best of sexual pleasure for both.

How does We Vibe Sync work

The main reason on why the We-Vibe came into prominence was to address a critical issue – and that is there was not enough clitoral stimulation during sex. This made it hard for a woman to enjoy having an orgasm when you had sex, or at least there was more room for pleasure.

It was designed to specifically cater this lack of clitoral stimulation during actual intercourse. Does that sounds a bit technical. Not a surprise as it was actually designed by a telecom engineer! That was perfect design, perfect solution. We Vibe explored to take the concept of lovemaking to a new level – i.e. helping both – helping couples to get better and more intense orgasms during sex.

The Touch mode allows customization of vibes! It allows also real-time control and Beat mode vibrations to the rhythm of the music. How cool is that!

The Sync mode allow both enjoy sync with a partner during sex or when you’re apart with the smartphone app. That mean, your partner could control your vibe using app, you can have at the same time phone sex! Quite cool for example when traveling alone.

What users say about We Vibe? Do they get orgasms?

On the positive side of reviews, most customers feel that it is a great product with the price considerations in mind. The length tends to be infinite and it can be easily adjusted with one increment of length mark. It is fun and great to use. It is one of the best sex toys in the market to have sex with. You can tease her, have a steamy encounter with her. It works in an amazing manner. And yes, couples gets better orgasms more easily when using We Vibe while making love 🙂

When it comes to the negative side of things, it does take a little bit of time to get used to it. Furthermore you need to be careful with your position. A few We Vibe users think that the vibrations are pretty strong, and in some ways you can compare it to a wand.

We Vibe Sync Video

Sync is designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex. She gets powerful stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot and together, you both share the vibe.

Specifications & Guarantee

The We Vibe Sync is available in the market with a 2 year warranty

  • Colors: Purple / Aqua
  • Materials: Body-safe silicone exterior
  • Battery: Eco-friendly USB rechargeable
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Run Time: Up to 90 minutes
  • Dimensions: 74.8 mm x 31.4 mm x 41.7 mm

My final thoughts about We Vibe – Should you buy it and from where?

The We-Vibe is a great product because of the prime reason that it is a product for the couples. Very rarely you will come across a sex toys that is suitable for actual sex! The best part of the device is that it allows the penis to come to the party and it is hands free!

I will give four stars for We Vibe. It is innovative, they have introduced upgraded models during years, such as this newest model, and it gets better and better, and more importantly, it helps to get better orgasms and enjoy more about sex with your partner. Do I love it? Do I get orgasms using it? Yes, I love it, I love it using it alone and during sex, and yes it really helps to get more intense orgasms. Quite nice sex toy for couples especially. Give it a try!

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Where to buy?

My recommendation is to buy We Vibe Sync from Amazon (read also my post about where to buy vibrators), check the latest price of Sync from the price comparison below, and visit shop now!

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