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4/5 on February 12, 2017

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  • It applies firm and direct clitoral pressure.
  • It offers deep vibrations.



  • Discomfort if its shaft is inserted improperly.
  • It cannot provide gentle vibrations.


We-Vibe Nova is a rabbit vibrator with an innovative design that uses dual simulation to create deep and gratifying orgasms. It's body safe silicone vibe, with thrilling pulsating patterns.

We Vibe Nova Review

Here is MyBestVibrators.com lovely review of We Vibe Nova, which is is a dual stimulator designed to create powerful clitoral vibration and pleasurable G-spot stimulation. It is so called rabbit vibrator. Its unique design allows it to flex according to the movements of the surrounding body part.

We-Vibe Nova has its merits, and these are:

  • It has a compact design that enhances its portability.
  • It applies firm and direct clitoral pressure.
  • It offers deep vibrations.
  • Its silky soft silicone eliminates drag and allows for smooth entry of the device through the vagina.
  • Superb price-quality ratio.

The product also has two key cons, and they are:

  • Discomfort if its shaft is inserted improperly.
  • It cannot provide gentle vibrations.

We-Vibe Nova is easily summarized shortly. We-Vibe Nova is a rabbit vibrator and g-spot massager with an innovative design that uses dual simulation to create deep and gratifying orgasms. It’s body safe silicone vibe, with thrilling pulsating patterns.

Overview of We Vibe Nova

We-Vibe Nova is a light-weight average-sized dual simulator that has a sleek, slim, and non-representational design, which also makes it safe for use. Its body-safe features are enhanced by its streamlined curves and use of silicone for easy and velvety-smooth entry into the vagina.

The vibrator is made from phthalate-free silicone, and this makes it non-porous and waterproof. It can therefore be easily cleaned before use, and this allows one to maintain vaginal hygiene by preventing foreign matter, grease, & even grime from entering the vagina when a woman is using the vibrator. It weighs a pound or slightly less.

The bulging shaft is gently curved, and this makes it excellent for G-spotting. The flexible C-shaped clitoral arm is attached to the base of the shaft. The design of the clitoral arm allows it to maintain constant contact, and thereby apply firm and direct pressure to the clitoris. Also, it allows the clitoral arm to reach the clitoris, no matter how high the clitoris is positioned from the vaginal opening. Usually, the color of the clitoral arm and shaft is pink.

The utility length of We-Vibe Nova is 3.1 inches. Utility length is the length of the vibrator that participates in vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The diameters of the shaft and clitoral arm are 1.3 inches and 1.1 inches respectively. The minimal drag felt when inserting a non-lubricated We-Vibe Nova can be eliminated by lubricating it with water-based lube before use.

It has 2 powerful motors which work in sync to create powerful pulsations that in turn increase the magnitude of pleasure felt by the user. Its deep vibrations also tend to be rumbly, and this is quite satisfying for some women. It has over 10 vibration modes.

It has a USB port, and the accompanying sturdy magnetic connection allows you to recharge it through the USB port. It has a Lithium-ion battery.

It also has Bluetooth, which allows you to control it using your smartphone, so long as you have enabled the We-Connect app. You can even control We-Vibe Nova using a compatible tablet located in an adjacent room. However, of course you can use it without any extra gadgets such as smartphone. I don’t personally like these high tech functions, expect wireless controllers of some sex toys. But I don’t like playing with all kind of apps when trying to satisfy myself 🙂 Anyway, other like, and it’s excellent option for them.

We-Vibe Nova is shipped alongside its silky storage pouch, which is used to hold the lubrication package and USB cable. The small size of the storage pouch also allows you to carry your vibrator when traveling.

For whom is this vibe suitable?

We Vibe is most well known of it’s couples vibrators, however, this vibrator is not for couples. It can be recommended to women who like strong and rumbly vibrators that can create firm clitoral pressure, or apply direct pressure on the clitoris. It is also suitable for women who love dual stimulators. Anyway, of course you can use it with partner, and it is excellent for foreplay.

How Nova Works

We-Vibe Nova has a phallus-shaped shaft and an attached clitoral stimulator. When it is switched on, electricity flows into the motor and completes the circuit, thereby causing the motors to turn. The two motors work in sync to create pulsations, which are felt as vibrations; as well as cause the shaft to rotate. In effect, the rotating shaft creates an all-internal vaginal stimulation while the clitoral arm stimulates the clitoris, and the woman thus experience holistic sexual pleasure – I like that!

There is 10 vibration modes, and you can create also your own customized vibration patterns with the app.

Price versus benefits

When this price is compared to the benefits offered, included holistic sexual experience and ability to achieve deep orgasm, then it is obvious that the benefits provided by this vibrator far outweigh its cost. Also, it is a quality, long-lasting vibrator built from quality materials. This means that its price-quality ratio is quite exceptional.

What customers say – do they get orgasms?

One of the selling platforms for We-Vibe Nova is Amazon, and a glance at the customer review sections points to a good reception of the product. Customers praise it for its unique and excellent design that allows them to achieve wholesome vaginal stimulation. Others praise it for working well, and for doing what it promises to do.

Specifications & Guarantee

We-Vibe Nova comes with a 12-months warranty.

  • Two powerful motors that work in harmony for increased pleasure
  • 10+ vibration modes plus create your own with the We-Connect™ app
  • Works with the We-Connect app for more control and additional features
  • USB rechargeable — charges in 90 minutes for 2 hours of pleasure
  • Low-power alert indicator
  • Whisper quiet
  • 100% waterproof
  • Made with body-safe silicone — free from phthalates, latex and BPA
  • Eco-friendly — carbon-neutral manufacturing

We-Vibe Nova Video

Final Thoughts

We-Vibe Nova is a powerful rabbit simulator that combines G-spot stimulation with clitoral-stimulation to create unrivaled sensual experience, as well as create deep orgasms. If you love strong and rumbly dual vibrators, you should consider buyin a We-Vibe Nova.

I’ll give four stars for this nice high quality vibrator. And finally the answer: Do I get mind blowing orgasms using We Vibe Nova? Yes, I do!

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Where to buy?

My recommendation is to buy We Vibe Nova from Amazon (read also my post about where to buy vibrators), check the latest price of Nova from the price comparison below, and visit shop now!

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