What Is Wand Vibrator And How To Use It

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Wand Vibrator

Ever heard of a wand vibrator or massager? Well, if you haven’t then now is definitely the time. This device may just be the perfect gift for yourself, or your partner. At least it is guaranteed to be one of the best ideas to spice up the bedroom. The wand massager is also a fun, and exciting way to bring some sophisticated kinkiness to your sex life!

What is Wand Vibrator?

Most wand vibrators are standardized in appearance with a firm handle and a flexible head made out of rubber or silicone. These sex toys are incredible powerful massagers, actually they are the most powerful vibrators, and there are available all kind of attachments to make them even more pleasurable. Originally it was intended for use as vibrating massager to relieve sore muscles, but the wand massager quickly became one of the world’s most famous and most used sex toys.

The wand massager is essentially a clitoral stimulator and it is able to bring women mind-blowing orgasms, not only once, but even repeatedly! The best part of this toy would be how it can be used by the individual themselves or with a partner being able to control the strength and speed of the massage. It works to not just set a woman’s body on stunning sensations, it also helps to boost the sex life and foreplay of many couples. The wand massager is a must have in the bedroom.

There are available battery operated models as well as AC models. Both are good, lightweight and easy to use. However, battery operated model is of course easier to carry around, but it is required to recharge. AC models, such as Hitachi Magic Wand, which never runs out of battery, and are always ready to use. Both models offer the same quick and easy way to set your special parts on fire, all with the touch of a button!

How To Use Wand Massagers

The wand massager is made for a comfortable and easy experience. Prior to using the wand massager, ensure that it has compatible batteries that are either charged or you may want to full charge the device before diving straight in to some fun. If you have wired AC model, be sure never use it at wet places such as bathroom.

Once ready, slip into your favorite lingerie (or you could even be nude), and select the intensity that you wish to try out. There are various levels that you could choose from and each offers a different speed and strength. Be open to try what suits you. After which, you simply firmly hold onto the handle and place the rubber head on your clitoris. The rubber head of the wand massager is big enough to feel your entire clitoris but should you wish, you can even move the device in small circular movements to stimulate the entire area.

A big tip if you want to have a very smooth experience with the wand massager, literally, would be to apply some lube on the head of the device prior to switching it on. The lube does wonders and glides around very easily because the wetter is always the better, isn’t it?

Originally these wands were known as Hitachi Magic Wands, so let´s give a BIG thank you for Hitachi for inventing this magical wand – the source of endless orgasms.

Be sure to read also my review of Hitachi Magic Wand and discover how to get blowing orgasms – (almost) every time! Wand vibrator is one of my favorite sex toys, I just can’t live without. It is essential for masturbation, and essential when having sex with partner. Just be sure that you will have one wand always nearby, and ready to use!

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