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  • Soft & comfortable
  • Rechargeable, loads fast, and there's enough power for long play


  • It has some buzz!
  • Non-intuitive controls.


Svakom Cathy is a luxury multi-functional vibrator that is completely waterproof and can act as a clitoral stimulator, G-spot massager, and masturbation sex toy; which can imitate natural sex processes as well as excite powerful orgasms.

Read my SVAKOM Cathy Review to find out if it’s aperfect vibe for your private pleasures. Cathy is an ultra soft vibrator designed and manufactured by Svakom. They are known as a luxury brand, and most of Svakom vibes are designed primarily to offer G-spot stimulation. The following Svakom Cathy Review provides an overview of its features as well as assesses its price-quality ratio, besides describing how it works, i.e. do I get orgasm with it? Find out if it is the best suitable vibrator for your intimate pleasures!

Nonetheless, let’s take a look on the summary of the pros and cons of Svakom Cathy.

The main pros (things I love) of Svakom Cathy are:

  • Silky soft and sleek design.
  • Superb G-spot curve.
  • It provides varied vibrations.
  • It features Svakom Intelligent mode which serves to recreate the entire sex process from foreplay to orgasm.

Its principal cons are (things I hate or almost hate):

  • It has some buzz!
  • Non-intuitive controls.

Svakom Cathy is a quality vibrator featuring a sleek design, and capable of generating awesome vibrations that can cause a woman to achieve multiple orgasms.

Overview of SVAKOM Cathy

Svakom Cathy USB rechargeableSvakom Cathy is specially designed to offer softness and comfort. It measures 180×90×36mm and weighs about 140g. It can be used continuously for 2 hours. This is because it uses a rechargeable polymer lithium battery to power the vibrator during use. The battery can be recharged fully in one-and-a-half hours. The battery capacity is 430 mAh. So, it’s quite perfect from that angle, it is rechargeable, loads fast, and there’s enough power for long play.

It has a firm and gently curved immovable shaft that is designed to reach the G-spot. This shaft is covered by a layer of ultra soft body-safe silicone which gives it a smooth texture and warm feel. The silicone is also phthalate-free and non-porous. The top section of the shaft is plush, and this enhances user experience. With regards to sensation, the silicone provides powdery matte smoothness. The matte silicone also causes gentle grab when Svakom Cathy is inserted into the vaginal canal.

As mentioned, the shaft design makes it perfect for G-spot stimulation; and this is because the shaft is curved to sit well in the vagina, and also allow its bulbous head to rest on the region where the G-spot is usually located. The curve also serves to stimulate the clitoris.

It provides about 5 vibration modes, alongside 5 different intensities, and this allows Svakom Cathy to produce excellent sensual experience. It is also water-proof and can therefore be used in showers. It also features Svakom Intelligent Mode, which can be activated by pressing the S key on the vibrator. This intelligent mode works alongside the other 5 patterns to imitate real-life sex processes, including foreplay, teasing, and multiple climaxes. Nonetheless, Cathy can produce quite powerful vibrations which can cause a woman to reach orgasm quickly. These powerful vibrations also create deep orgasms, and if used properly, the user can achieve multiple deep orgasms during a single session.

The control buttons are positioned at the lower section of the shaft, but you need to double tap them for you to change the pattern. The middle button is the S mode button that turns the intelligent mode on and off.

Svakom Cathy comes in two color schemes; pale pink and plum red. It is built from environmental-friendly materials and the device basically lacks an odor. Its powerful motor is relatively quiet, and can generate powerful pulsations.

The vibrator is shipped alongside a USB charging cable, warranty booklet, user manual, and a satin storage pouch.

Who is this vibe recommended for?

It is suitable for the single women, and women in sexually-unfulfilling relationships, who want to enjoy the full pleasures of sex, including achieving orgasms during the sex session. It is also recommended for women who enjoy using sex toys that have a firm shaft and a nice G-spot curve; and which can also deliver varied vibrations.

How it Works

Svakom Cathy has an electric motor, which rotates when power is turned on; and it is this revolutions of the motor that create pulsations which are felt in the vagina as vibrations. Also, the motor movements allows the vibrator to press on the clitoris, hence creating clitoral stimulation. You might not expected technical analysis of how it works? Ok, it works great, it gives you easily orgasms.


Material: body-safe silicone
Size: 180×90×36mm
Weight: 138g
Battery Capacity: 430 mAh
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Maximum continuous use: 2 hours
Vibration modes: 5+1
Intensities: 5
Water Repellency: 100% Waterproof

Price vs Benefits

Price tag is quite cheap if the features and quality of the product are considered. The vibrator is well-designed and made from quality materials which ensure its durability as well as makes it hygienically safe. Also, the sensual experiences the user enjoys far surpasses the price tag. Therefore, it has an exceptionally nice price-quality ratio.

What other users say?

A quick review of the comments and customer response section of Amazon pages that market Svakom Cathy shows that the product is well-liked by its customers. Most customers praise the quality of sensual experience it can generate, while others praise it for being user-freindly.


Svakom provides a 12 months warranty for the Cathy vibrator. Also, Svakom offers another 10-year long quality assurance guarantee for this vibrator.

Final Thoughts

Svakom Cathy is a luxury multi-functional vibrator that is completely waterproof and can act as a clitoral stimulator, G-spot massager, and masturbation sex toy; which can imitate natural sex processes as well as excite powerful orgasms. If you aspire to achieve orgasm using sex toys, then you need to consider acquiring a Svakom Cathy.

I’m giving amazing four stars for this nice invention. It really makes what it promises, i.e. it gives you blowing orgasms.

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Where to buy?

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