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Sex toys improve bedroom affairs greatly and can be the best method of spicing up your sex life. It has been scientifically proven that those with an active sexual health are the frequent users of sex toys as opposed to those with a poor sex life. In summary, sex toys favor passionate lovemaking. According to researches close to 30% of people have had a chance of using these intimate objects. However, there are some questions asked frequently about adult toys, so I decided write this Sex Toys Questions and Answers article for women’s health blog to clarify these issues.

Are sex toys only for those with dormant sexual relationships?

A lot of people have had this misconception that sex toys are for those who have no sex life at all. In fact, the active ones use them more. They go out of their way to acquire one and this result to a steamy sex acts. One way to elevate your sex life; get a sex toy and the changes will totally amaze you. It is not a taboo to have one (or even more!) so, hurry and get yours now. If you do not know what you should buy, take a look at my best vibrator reviews section or read my vibrator buyers guide, and sure you will get some good ideas!

Are sex toys addictive?

Addiction usually refers to something that is fatal or self-destructive. Use of sex toys is not in any way bad, provided you use them in the correct way. It is actually true that one could get attached to the use of sex toys but there is a remedy. You could always resort to masturbation or be attached to sex partners who are not accustomed to using sex toys at all. And ultimately I have to ask, being addicted to vibrators – like me, is it really a bad thing? Personally I think it is not.

A woman with sex toys has no need for a man?

Men always believe women adore them for their manhood, so if a sex toy steps in, they are afraid they could lose their importance to women which makes them feel so insecure. Men could say that a sex toy cannot like, cuddle, kiss or hug – which is true, so they should understand that adult toys do not close them out of bedroom. Furthermore, using adult toys with partner usually improves sex life quite much.

Sex toys lose the authenticity of real sex?

Sex is only justified when two bodies do so with synchronization. But is this really true? Sexual arousals also come to life with the use of the adult toys. It is not the battery of the toys that trigger the orgasms but rather your mind. This brings us to a conclusion that, both sex toys and copulation work hand in hand and cannot in any way, deter you from enjoying the beauty of intimacy.

Not all adult toys go well with everyone?

People always have different preferences when it comes to getting something; the same applies for adult toys. There is no harmful sex aid that could affect your body. It all depends on your choice. For instance, a vibrator may be so heavenly to someone else but to you, not at all. What do you do? Before acquiring one, have an expert help you with choosing to avoid regretting it later. You could also go through the whole selection while considering the features before picking that desirable one. Again I have to say, that if you’re unsure what is good for you, read my vibrator reviews !

Sex toys should not be let out to the whole world?

For many they are termed as explicit content that should not be talked of in the public; even among friends. It should only be known by the users and no one else. What happens behind closed doors cannot be deciphered at all. However, there are many approaches to that subject, and some are very open about them. Whatever your situation is, sex toys should not be the reason to shy off when talking about sex. The sex toys are the reason your sexual life is vibrant and pleasure-filled… if it is not, consider if the reason is that you don’t have adult toys, or you don’t use them, or maybe your toys are wrong kind of toys.

A highly priced products comes with more advantages?

An expensive massager might turn you on exceptionally compared to a cheaper one. The difference lies in the materials used to make it, and of course more expensive adult products have usually more functions. They could be rechargeable, they could come with wireless remote controller or they could be connected to app, and controlled using smartphone etc.

Other hand, it could be waterproof, durable and good casing, but the fun it gives is the same as lower priced vibes give. Those with money constraints can easily get one to go with the little they can get, and still do the same job as with more expensive models. However, it is important to note that there are adult toys made of dangerous sex toy materials, and in most cases these material quality problems concern cheaper products.

Are sex toys harmful?

No, adult toys such as vibes are not harmful anyway. There is no any kind of proof that adult toys have caused health problems – expect problems arising from non hygienic products and in some cases even toxic materials. That is once more a good reason to buy only from well known brands, products made of high quality materials such as silicone, and buy products that have been reviewed by some experts – like me 🙂 As you might already know, I don’t give reviews for any low quality product. Of course you need to use them as intended, and not to do anything crazy with these pleasure objects.

Sex toys have had a great impact in sexual relationships. It livens up the moment that even you cannot hold back. It is filled with happiness and relaxation. The use of sex toys is a healthy lifestyle and doesn’t call for embarrassment. So, keep your vibe selection always updated, and ready for immediate use!

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