Palm Power Wand Massager with Sensual Attachments

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4/5 on February 16, 2017

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  • It is incredible powerful vibrator.
  • Compact size.
  • Attachments



  • Silicone lube cannot be used.
  • Can be very loud and noisy.



Any woman who considers her sexual satisfaction an important aspect of her life absolutely deserves this product. Set at a reasonable price the product is the perfect combination of wild power and subtle design.

Palm Power Massager Review

The Palm Power Massager is a very powerful adult massage wand with a firm silicone body and removable silicone cap at the top. This pack comes with a couple of other massaging head attachments that can help the user experience various internal sensations. The BMS Factory, the same people behind the much desired Swan-Squeeze and Wonder Lust, have now come up with yet another adult toy set to rock the sex toy market. Let’s take a look it works, read my review of Palm Power Vibrator, and find out do I get orgasm with it?

Pros :

  • The material used to make the wand is ABS plastic and which contributes to the velvety soft touch that the wand offers. The product fits better at the palm of a woman and the shape makes it a joy to hold.
  • It is one of the most powerful vibrators available in the market with a very long cord. The length of cord makes it extremely comfortable for the user to move it around. Three different adapters that come along the product makes traveling with it completely hassle free.
  • The sensual attachments that come with the Palm Power Massager are made of silicone, and can be attached in place of the removable cap. They are extremely comfortable and their shape provides the best sexual stimulation.

Cons :

  • It is a corded equipment whereas all it’s competitors have shifted to the cordless mechanism, the long cord, though is never a hindrance can be a turnoff to some.
  • Silicone lube cannot be used by the user as the cap is also made of silicone.
  • The Palm Power Massager can be very loud and noisy.
  • Some find the sensual attachments firm and hard.
  • One button control is a hindrance as it can get the user confused.

First Impressions of Palm Power Massager Wand

The Palm Power Massager is the  big thing in the sex toy market – it is a smaller, more compact version of the world famous Hitachi Magic Wand. It is an extremely powerful vibrator with an erotic shape and modern features. It gives the user the intensity of a Hitachi Magic Wand with a sleek, sexy design and super soft silicone head. So, yo don’t need anymore to worry about the awkward shapes of the existing vibrators in the market 🙂  The product is also much more hygienic when compared to most of it’s competitors.

The shape of the Palm Power Massager is enough to the catch the attention of a potential buyer at the first sight. From experienced users to the ones thinking about getting their first vibe, the product is designed to suit them all. While the cord system can put some people off, the extreme power and the subtleness the product provides, makes it one of the best in the market – if you are looking for wand vibrators.

Features :

The shape of the product makes it unique, and the vibrations flowing through the handle gives the user a wonderful experience.

The Palm Power Massager as the name suggests, is one of the most powerful vibrators in the market within it’s size category. The power and intensity of this massage wand can only be compared to the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The Palm Power attachments that can be fixed in place of the removable cap, are designed to reach the subtle parts of a female body and provide sensual sensations.

Benefits :

Women across the globe have been unsatisfied with either the awkward shape or the performance of their vibrator. The Palm Power Massager solves all such issues. The sleek vibrator which has a sexy design also comes with unrivalled power.

The Palm Power Massager should be considered the queen of power when it comes to vibrators. A consistent vibration without any interruptions of pulses or convulsions is enough to make a woman have a quick and pleasurable climax.

The sleek design is one of the most unique features in the product. Not only does it fit comfortably in any bag you want but also lines up perfectly by the curve of your palm. Even the Pan Power attachments are specially designed to titillate the sexual senses of a woman.

The charging cord can be attached to any of the given adapters. This enables the customer to use the vibrator anywhere she chooses to travel.

How Does It Work ?

The Palm Power Massager comes with a single button which can get a lot of users confused about the functioning. The user needs to hold on to the button to move through the levels of vibration. The top level can be really intense while the lower levels are more gentle and playful.

What users say about PalmPower?

There is a mixed reaction in the market about the product, while some are ignoring it for the cord system others are loving it for it’s power and design. However there is no doubt about the fact that the major section of the marked has accepted the product as a welcome change to the old vibrators.

Guarantee/Warranty Service :

Palm Power Massager with Sensual Attachments comes with a money refund guarantee in case the customer receives a damaged product. The BMS Factory also provides a six month warranty service for the product. To avail any of these services the user needs to get in touch with the customer service department of the company.

Should you buy it? Do I get orgasms using it?

The Palm Power vibrator with Sensual Attachments is a complete pack consisting of the wand and the sensual attachments. Any woman who considers her sexual satisfaction an important aspect of her life absolutely deserves this product. Set at a reasonable price the product is the perfect combination of wild power and subtle design. It is one of the best wand type female vibrators.

Yes, I do like also this vibe! You name the vibe I don’t like! Seriously, this is good one – especially if you like wand type vibrators. I give four stars. Yes, it works, I get orgasms with it!

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Where to buy?

My recommendation is to buy Palm Power Massager from Amazon (read also my post about where to buy vibrators), check the latest price of PalmPower from the price comparison below, and visit shop now!

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