Fun ideas to spice up the bedroom – What is S&M sex?

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At some point most of us start wondering how make sex more exciting, so fun ideas to spice up the bedroom are always welcome. This time we’re going to take a look on S&M. So, what is SM sex?

The basic idea of sex is to get pleasure. So any method which you employ for increasing the fun is likely to bring you closer to your partner and foster a stronger bond between both of you. Enjoying with each other and sharing passionate moments together, is the true meaning of sex. In S&M sex too, the main essence is lined with our pursuit to be pleasured and give pleasure.

What is SM sex?

Many people consider SM sex to be abnormal, hardcore and para-sexual. It is quite common also speak about BDSM instead of S&M. But this is not the case at all. At times, people obsessed with S&M, in a very interesting way end up finding their true selves. S&M sex practitioners who are willing to open up and communicate will not stint the beauty of the style. They will rather focus on deriving maximum pleasure out of it.

S&M can also be enjoyed by two people. It should not be translated to abuse and sadism. It is rather a choice of one’s will. Actually every extreme lovemaking style will have some common things with S&M.

So, what are the fun ideas to spice up the bedroom and make sex more exciting for both if speaking about S&M sex? Here are a short list of elements that you could try to bring more fun & pleasure to your bedroom.

  • Bondage (ropes, hand cuffs etc.)
  • Role play (Dominatrix, Master, Slave etc.)
  • Physical sensations (whips, hot wax, nipple clamps etc.)

Those are just general terms, the world of S&M sex is thrilling deep, and there are so many wonderful things to explore, that it is next to impossible go through all of them in a short blog post. But the intention of this post is just to let you know, that give it a try, and start exploring your deepest fantasies with your partner. It could really spice up your bedroom and make sex much more exciting thing!

Fifty Shades of Grey

S&M sex does not always have to include shackles and whip. It is also important keep on mind that it is not a synonym of sexual abuse either. It is extremely important to spread the right idea about S&M sex by people who truly understand its value. Fifty Shades or Grey book and movie helped a lot making idea about SM-sex more widespread and accepted. BTW. If you still don’t have read or seen it, now it’s the time to do it. Here’s Fifty Shades Of Grey Book and here is Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie. Those are really great introduction to S&M sex, read it or watch with your partner. Get some S&M toys here and start playing your own exciting games!

We need to understand that SM derives from love and this is the love which comes without a price. Whether it is the Lord or his servant, Master or Domina or slave, there is no monetary demand. All they demand is pleasure. SM is a result of nature which is a part of love. Unless there is love, how can the other person let you play, hit and insult their bodies without complaining? If there is no true love at all, with the other person be truly concerned about your thoughts, feelings, emotions and body? Will they focus on your needs if there is no love?

SM-Sex could include for example rope bondage.

SM can make you more sexually conscious and help you and your partner rise to a point of sexual nothingness. Here, you get to rise without any description to the ultimate level of excitement because it is this excitement that first starts from consciousness.

According to a study, moderate SM can truly enhance the intimacy during sex. It further suggests that in the US, about 5-10% of lovers grab, scratch, pinch and hit their partner while involving in the act. They do it with their consent for pleasure. Obviously there is a major difference between family violence and this behavior. While family violence hurts the other person, SM truly focuses on giving pleasure. That’s the point which is hard to understand for some people. So, you should get it right with your partner from the very beginning. Speak about it, speak about your feelings together, plan, and try some light role play before going deeper.

There are plenty of adult toys made for BDSM-sex starting from handcuffs and blindfolds to more sophisticated equipment such as electrosex devices etc. What is sure, that playing SM / role play with your partner will make your sex life much more exciting! Take a look on wide variety of S&M adult toys here!

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I hope you found something helpful from this post! If you have any questions or comments about SM-sex or if you want share your experiments, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply below! Thank you, let´s have some pleasures.

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