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  • It gives you mind blowing orgasms!
  • It is very powerful as it uses AC power and two motors!
  • Can be used as an ordinary massager also!




  • It is not quiet(!)
  • It has relatively few pulsation patterns.



The electrically-powered Magic Wand is a extremely powerful personal massager that can offer unparalleled and gratifying massage, and yes, mind blowing orgasms.

Review of the Hitachi Magic Wand – The newest Original HV-260 model

You have most likely already heard about this amazing vibrator, but I decided anyway write one more review of Hitachi Magic Wand, as this time it is bundled with Premium Wand Essentials Speed Controller. So, in the case you don’t have yet this miraculous adult toy, it’s time to buy a one. Let me tell you why in the following review.

This is a review of so called Original Magic Wand, (model: Vibratex HV-260) and there are plenty of Hitachi wand attachments available for this exciting vibrator making it even more pleasurable.

The Magic Wand is a powerful vibrating massager, that comes in this bundle with a unique Wand Essentials Speed Controller. The Wand Essentials Speed Controller features a power switch and speed dial and is used to regulate the intensity of vibrations produced by the Magic Wand, and it therefore allows you to enjoy customized sensations.

This accessory is really quite essential as it’s name says, that is because of Magic Wand Massager itself does not include actual speed control. It has just two speeds to choose. That’s fine, but for unlocking it’s real potential you need to be able to adjust speed preciously. Why there’s no speed controller on the original wand is because it was introduced back to 1968 as a body massager – and it was not intended at all to be adult toy, or to become the world’s most famous and best selling adult toy. Anyway, thanks to Wand Essentials, we have not this option to adjust speed, and enjoy even more intimate pleasures!

The entire product is designed and developed by Hitachi – one of the world biggest industrial corporations, making it surely safe to use. You might wonder why Hitachi got involved in sex toy industry, I will tell that also, but let’s take a look first what are the several advantages this massager offers.

The main pros of The Original Magic Wand HV-260 listed below:

  • It allows you to enjoy “customized sensations”, and it does it very well. If I say it directly: It gives you mind blowing orgasm – every time. It never fails on that.
  • It is affordable.
  • It features a discreet design that allows it to be used as an ordinary vibrator, as well as a massager for shoulder and back muscles. Yeah, and it works very well also on that purpose! Anyway, as it is now so well known pleasure toy, everyone who sees it quite surely knows it’s real purpose… so, maybe it is better to keep your wand in the closet, just to avoid confusing situations 🙂

The main disadvantages, or cons, of the Magic Wand are:

  • It is not completely quiet. But who cares, as when it does it’s job, and you get orgasm, I bet you can’t be quiet.
  • It has relatively few pulsation patterns. That’s true… but remember, this Wand is bundled with speed controller.

In short: the electrically-powered Magic Wand is a extremely powerful personal massager that can offer unparalleled and gratifying massage, and yes, mind blowing orgasms. And yes, there are also Wand Attachments available for men, so this sex toy could be used by couples also, and also men alone… however, the best it is for women pleasure!

Overview of Re-branded Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand OrginalThe first Magic Wand was manufactured by Hitachi in 1968, and since that time, Hitachi has worked to improve the functionality and design of this personal massager. Can you believe, it’s around 50 years old sex toy!

The newest model was HV-250R and it debuted in the market in 2013. Even so, in 2014, Hitachi partnered with Vibratex to develop and market HV-260 The Original Magic Wand. That was because of Hitachi’s concerns about having its world wide well known brand name attached to a extremely popular sex toy! (I don’t really get that, it was only good for their brand – millions of women screaming orgasms made with Hitachi technology!)

So, now we have actually no more Hitachi Magic Wand at all – but this HV-260 “Original Magic Wand” – which, anyway is perfectly the same as “Hitachi Magic Wand” 🙂 Getting complicated?

Not at all. The HV-260 model is basically HV-250R without a Hitachi label, and features the same shape and design, but it is also again improved version, and now Vibratex assembles it, but using Hitachi motors & parts. It is lighter, and even more durable, with improved engineering.

And yes, there are numerous wand copies for sale, some of copies are manufactured using very low quality parts, and guess what. Those are unsafe, and at least those will not last long. That’s alone the reason to buy Original, it’s safe, it last years, and gives you unlimited orgasms!

Hitachi Magic Wand ReviewThe Original Magic Wand weighs 1.2 pounds and is 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. It is shaped like a microphone. Its shipping weight is 3.1 pounds, and this is due to the inclusion the Essential Speed Controller and other accessories. The head is about 2.25 inches wide.

It has a cylindrical body and an attached metal head. The head is covered with firm high-quality vinyl, and this gives it a steady touch as well as ensures that it does not foam during use. A conformity sticker connects the head to a metal shaft that continues into the cylindrical body. The head and the cylindrical body are usually white in color, while the metal shaft is colored blue and the electrical switch is black. The weight of the product and material of the head is used to differentiate the genuine product from a fake imitation, with most fake products weighing far less than 1.2 pounds and featuring a plastic head.

It has two heavy-duty motors and this allows for two vibrating massager speeds, clearly designated as high speed and low speed. The Essentials Speed Controller allows for varying vibrations. It also has a cord and this means that it must be connected to a power source. The cord is usually 1.8 meters long, and this is convenient for most users. It is designed to use the contemporary 110-120V/60A power source.

For who is it suitable?

The Magic Wand is designed for use by females who want to experience deep and strong massages, as well as to achieve orgasm. Experienced female users can also use it to stimulate their G-spot, and in the process achieve orgasm quickly.

How Magic Wand Works?

The Magic Wand must be plugged into a power source for it to work. When power is switched on, it causes the motors to run, and the speed of the motors can be regulated by the speed controller. The running motors create pulsations which are felt by the person using the device. It is these pulsations that stimulate the vaginal muscles and nerves till an orgasm is achieved. These pulsations also stimulate the neck and back muscles, and this causes muscle relaxation and pain relieve.

Price versus Benefits – should you buy this bondle?

The Magic Wand retails for quite standard price. You will get a powerful vibrator that offers gratifying sensation and relief of muscle pain (oh why I need to mention that every time?). The product is also durable because it is made from high-quality materials. Therefore, the price-quality ratio is quite good, and this means that the price of the product matches the quality and benefits offered by the product. And let’s not forget the secret sauce – The Wand Essentials Speed Controller – which is bundled with the Wand, making it the deal you can not refuse – if you want enjoy orgasms 😉

What customers say about the wand?

A quick review of the product page in Amazon shows that its customer are satisfied with the quality and services offered by the Wand. There is well over 1100 authentic reviews already! Most customers praise it for its adjustable speed (thanks to The Wand Essentials Speed Controller) and long cord which makes it convenient for them to use the device. Likewise, some praise for the intensity of stimulation it creates, and others commend the product for soothing their neck pain (wow, I’m not only who likes to use it also for other purposes than achieving mind blowing orgasms!).


Like other Hitachi products, the Magic Wand comes with a product guarantee in the form of a 12-months warranty. The warranty is valid if the personal massager is purchased from authorized sellers – yes, you’re safe as long as you buy it through Amazon.

Final Thoughts

The Original Magic Wand is a multi-functional plug-and-use device that features adjustable speeds when used with The Wand Essentials Speed Controller and a relatively long cord that allows for mobility; and its high-quality materials ensure that it can be used for a long time -yes it’s body safe. If you need a good personal massager, you should consider purchasing the Magic Wand. You can even buy it from Amazon right now, and get it very fast – and start enjoying these super orgasms I’m addicted.

I can’t do nothing else, but give full blowing five stars for this orgasm miracle.

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I hope you found something helpful from this post! If you have any questions or comments about Hitachi Magic Wand or if you want share your experiments, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply below! Thank you, let´s get mind blowing orgasms.

Where to buy?

My recommendation is to buy Hitachi Magic Wand from Amazon (read also my post about where to buy vibrators), check the latest price of Wand from the price comparison below, and visit shop now!

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