Guide To Finger Vibrators And How To Use Them

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Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators are quite small and discrete adult toys especially for women who want to have better masturbation moments. They have very strong vibrations which help your fingers stimulate your genitals to get you off. Their small and compact design make them great all-purpose sex toys also for couples looking to explore and spice up their sex life.

Finger vibes will be attached to your or your partners finger. There is a small motor inside, which gets whole finger vibrating intensively. Finger vibrators are very easy to use, just put the vibrator on your finger and get going! Some of these vibes have also features such as a thorn at the top etc. for stimulation purposes.

They are available in variety of colors and texture such as rabbit ears or a long tongue to choose from to help you get off. The price range varies depending on the design and material used. You might want to get waterproof finger vibe, as those can be used in shower or even underwater at jacuzzi. What is the better place for masturbation than hot tub?

How to use finger vibrators

As the name suggests finger vibrators are intended to be attached on the fingers. Once you put on the vibrator on your finger, get the vibe on and touch yourself on the most sensitive parts of your body such as your nipples or your inner thing to first get turned on.

Once you are fully stimulated, you can bring it to your clitoris and play around with your genitals until you get yourself or your partner off. Some women prefer finger vibrators to larger vibrators due to their discrete nature. They can be carried anywhere in a hand bag unlike larger vibrators.

Remember that choosing a vibrator with more power will be the best to give you the magic touch you are looking for. You can adjust the vibrator on your finger, so that it sits at the right place and in the right way for you to have a magical time. Check out here the best Finger Vibrators at Amazon.

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