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Sex toys are becoming really a trend, actually they are already, as and more and more people use them – alone or with partners. But, since adult toys are mostly used internally, it is necessary, to check whether they are body safe – safe enough to put inside your body! The most sex toys are usually okay to use, until it is porous or toxic.

Whaaat? What I’m talking about? Toxic sex toys? Yes, unfortunately that’s the situation. There are plenty of unsafe, actually toxic vibes and other adult oriented products for sale, and you need to be aware about that. Porosity and Toxicity are two factors that can make a sex toy highly dangerous and totally unsafe for use. Avoid them at all costs and use only products made of body safe materials.

What is porosity in vibes or other adult toys and why it is dangerous?

Porosity is the property of a material having several micro pores on it. These pores are such in size, that they can’t be seen through the naked eyes. These pores, actually depend on the density of the material. The thing with porosity in a sex toy is that, if there are several micro pores in the toy, that they toy can’t be cleaned and sterilized thoroughly. Different kinds of bacteria, germs and even viruses can form and / or stay in those pores, causing trouble to the user’s body, when you use it next time. This is the thing, most of people do not realize when they buy vibrators or other sex toys.

Trust me, you do not want to put vibe inside in your vagina, or anal plug inside your ass, or ball gag inside your mouth – which is actually full of bacteria. The toy could look just fine, actually it could look just like a new one, if you have cleaned it every time quite well. But if you take a closer look on it with professional microscope – you will get heart attack. If it is made of porous material, if it is used even once, it is not anymore body safe.

Like every other thing, there is an exception to these toys also. Male sex toys are usually porous, so should the users stop using them? No, the user’s should always buy only branded adult toys, and should not opt for cheap ones, as the cheap ones, will not only be porous but also will be most likely toxic. So, it is always suggested to buy sex toys, from brands that are well known like Fleshlight and Tenga.

I wand to make it clear, that all sex toys, including all vibes, reviewed in blog are 100% body safe. I don’t touch on porous adult toys.

What is toxicity? What are phthalates in sex toys?

A sex toy can be toxic, if certain chemicals are added to it during manufacturing process – there a a lot of toxic chemicals used in manufacturing different kind of plastic for example, and some sex toys are made of those plastics, which are harmful for the human body.

The main problem is, the presence of toxic materials, is not mentioned anywhere in the boxes of the toys and so, it is sort of impossible for the user to know, whether it is a toxic toy or not. That is simply because of actually all adult toys, such as vibrators are sold as novelty only. Yes, novelty use only!

Usually the cheap sex toys are made from a toxic materials including so called phthalates. These phthalates are nothing but add-on chemicals, that are usually used to soften the toys. They make the toys soft, that is good, but they are really harmful for the body. When the toys made of phthalates are used, the phthalates slowly leech out into the user’s body and might cause a burning sensation in the internal areas, those are also linked to cancer. So, be sure to stay away from materials including phthalates.

What materials you should avoid in sex toys?

That’s a good question, and nobody is willing to say it… so, let’s make it clear here:

  • Do not buy vibrators made of that lovely Jelly, it is at least porous.
  • Rubber and latex rubber, both are porous.
  • PVC, it is porous
  • TPE/TPR, it could be porous.

Sex Toy makers are not legally bind to mention the elements used in making the toys, and also they are not responsible for any harms caused due to such toys. That’s a bit problematic, so be sure not to fall in the trap of cheap dangerous & possible even toxic adult toys.

I wand to make it clear once more, that all adult toys, including all vibrators reviewed here in blog are 100% body safe, and are not toxic. I don’t touch on porous or toxic sex toys, and you should also keep away of them.

So, what sex toys are body safe? What I can buy?

Keep in mind that, all porous toys are not toxic in nature, but all toxic toys are always porous in nature, that is why, always purchase from only trusted sex toy brands. So, it is not the brand why you end up paying a bit more, but it is high quality body safe materials used in manufacturing these safe to use adult toys, that explains the price difference.

The sex toys that are totally non-porous are the safest, without any presence of toxic, so it is better to search and finds toys like that – or just choose any vibe I have reviewed here. Also all toys made of 100% silicone are always body safe as silicone is not a porous material and it is not toxic material. Silicon is actually used in many medical products, just because of it is fully body safe.

So, here is the list of safe sex toy materials:

  • 100% silicone
  • Stainless steel (have you ever tried metal dildo or vibe? You should!)
  • ABS plastic, which is phthalate-free and hypoallergenic, it is also hard and transfers vibrations without decreasing right to your body 🙂
  • Glass (have you seen these beautiful glass dildos yet?)
  • Ceramics, stone and treated wood.

Also keep in mind that you should not use your sex toys too long, let’s say years after years. You need to buy new vibes from time to time! Remember also check the condition of your adult toys, and always clean them after every use, that’s the best way to prevent any kind of infection or disease. I do use also special sex toy cleaning agents to sterilize my toys. You should consider using it also.

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I hope you found something helpful from this post! If you have any questions or comments about dangerous sex toys, or materials or body safe vibes or if you want share your experiments, please don’t hesitate to leave a reply below!

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