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Would you like to make your lovemaking sexier? Here are a few better sex tips and ideas to spice up the bedroom. The following five small things that could make a big difference in your sex life.

Personal Lubricant

Lubricants should be used with sex, and with sex toys as well! For different purposes, there are numerous sorts of sex lubes. For instance, the water-based lubricant is the best choice and easiest to use for starter. Since it is solvent in water, simple to clean, and can be utilized with condoms and it’s ok to use with all kind of sex toys.

Silicone lubricants are also a good alternative as they are smooth, and very long lasting. However, you should be aware that some restrictions apply when using silicon based lube with sex toys, particularly with silicone made adult toys. Silicone lubes could damage smooth silicone surface of toys, and could be non-compatible with latex condoms.

The third alternative are oil based lubes. However, oil based lubricants could not be used with condoms! Oil could damage or even break some type of condoms, especially latex condoms. Read my post best lubricant for women to learn more about different kind of lubes. Whatever is your choice, it is sure that lube will make sex more pleasurable.

Spice Up The Bedroom Wearing Sexy lingerie

Sexy lingerie can help you light your sexual inner fire to flames, especially with your partner! There are all kinfdof lovely sexy lingerie available for both women and men. When you wear sexy clothes, you will feel instantly quite hot, and sure also your partner notices you!

Just keep on the mind that you have to feel comfortable. Try different materials such as sating lingerie, latex and leather. Also PVC is a quite sexy material to wear! And don’t forget high heels 🙂 Check out sexy lingerie department from my favorite sex shop.

Massager and vibrators

Now you have the lube, and you’re ready! You have also sexy lingerie, and you are again prepared for hot sex! But something still is missing, vibrators! You can use vibes to play with your partner before actual sex, vibes are sure the best way to get yourself almost too ready… Small clitoris vibrator would be good, or how about finger vibes? Read my vibrator buyers guide to find the best vibe for you.

Couples sex toys

It is much euphoric to share the joy with your partner. So, be sure to introduce sex toys also to your sex partner. It could be vibrating penis ring with clitoris massager, or it could be vibrating massager that could be in place during love making. There are many alternatices to choose from for couples. Be sure to check my best couples vibrator reviews!


Condoms? Is there a mix-up? No! Safe sex is the best sex. What’s more, condoms are not all that exhausting, correct? Notwithstanding the routine, there are different kinds of condoms, string condom, radiant condoms etc, you can test. Purchasing condoms is not allways men’s obligation, you could buy condoms as well. Or at least you could give orders – what kind of condom you want! Btw, have you ever tried female condoms? Just an idea!

These small five things will help you boost your sex life: lubricant, sexy lingerie, vibes, sex toys for couples and last but not least condoms. Keep them ready, and be ready!

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I hope you found something helpful from this post! If you have any questions or comments about these items that help to boost your sex life, or if you want share your experiments, ideas or just thoughts please don’t hesitate to leave a reply below!

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